Thursday, May 12, 2005

- 12th May -

12th May... a date that I will always remember... every year!! asal?? asal kak ijah?? my sister asking me right now as I am typing this entry! Kaypo huh!! Anyway... I'll answer your question sis... though this question will not come out in your PSLE examz this year....

12th May... my PAST and my FUTURE.. remember people.. past can never be changed but can be cherished. Future is still within our plans... Insya Allah.

12th May 1982... my bestfriend was born. Knew HER for almost 13 years now... A long treasurable friendship with HER. From Primary 1.6 back then in Tampines Primary School to Secondary 1.F in Dunman Secondary School... SHE's always one of my closest pal... SHE's Azlin, you rawwkkk girl.. Wishing you a very happie birthday and may you haf a blessful year ahead of you...

12th May 1999.. I met HIM. Got to know HIM. Like HIM. Hate HIM. Love HIM.
"Hello... boleh kiter kenal kenal???" - 12/05/1999, 2328hrs.
Lame isn't it. But I was taken by that... Never did I came across a guy who would be so 'daring' and straightforward in getting to know a lady. On that faithful day, I got to know that HE existed. And hey, HE din haf an easy time... I played the "hard-to-get" and it took HIM one solid year to win my heart. HE's patient. HE's sincere. On 12th May 2000, HE was introduced to my family... HE was my PAST. And HE is my FUTURE. HE's... Mohd Imran bin Ismail... love HIM lots!!!

12th May... a day I can never afford to ignore or forget...


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