Friday, May 27, 2005

- B.R.E.A.K -

I simply need a break.

B - Bed
R - Rest
E - Enjoyment
A - Adjustment
K - Kindness

People... I am exhausted... I need a break. These few weeks I've been down with so many stuffs..

Hectic Job. All you people know is to complain complain and complain! Dun you haf anythin better to do?! You think by complaining you can get your way thru?! You think you guys can get to see your PRC scandals?! Wakeup OLDMAN.. yesh.. OLDMAN.. you've got family!!! you've got children!!! and worst still.. you're OLD! For God Damn sake... WAKE UP and ditch that bitch!!! Rest assured that she wun be tortured during her stay in my workplace... So just go away and let me work in peace!!! Got Me??!! oh, i forgot... you people only speak chinese... "Ni Men Keyi Cho Kai Ma!!!?? Cho Kai!!!!" Phew... hope I got this right... heez!

Terrible studies! Haiz... it was my choice to study... I wun say i regret... it's just that the time wasn't right... can I haf a break from studies? Can I not go to class today?

Irritating Contractors!! You guys simply take too much of my time... With the designs.. quotations.. money.. budget... ARRGGGHHHHH... yesh I admit I wish for a beautiful apartment.. one of my dream... but I dun haf the luxury of time to go around surveying again and again... and my ayang... can we just stop and choose one of the???

Advantage is good.. reasonable price and hey, good workmanship! Can we engage them dear?? Pleaseeee.... Oh ya, to Ambience... you guys are simply mad! You asked for a budget and u gave us a quotation that's over our budget!! What's the point?! You defeated the purpose of asking! And hey, that guy... yah... that guy who entertained us... you dun make a good sales person! I think I can be a better one.. far much better. Can you imagine.. he haf yet to renovate our house but he told us to be prepared for the flooring to be crooked??!! So I asked him, "There's nothing you can do about it... I mean you contractor should haf known better..." and he answered.. "NO"... duh?! Wun it be easier if you said, "Dun engage us. We are not good!" That would be much much better. Fauzi... you were good but you did not show us your skills as a interior designers... Maybe as an advice, ditch that computer... all other designers that we went to used their hands and DRAW! It more convincing that way... Ivan... you' re good too... you're second in my list! May... We're going for you.. My ayang also seems to be interested in your works... see you soon ya!

IPPT! I'm fat! People.. I put on weight! Yesh I am fat! ahhaha and worst still IPPT is on its way... went running with my colleagues and gosh!!! I'M STRUGGLING!!! ahahah though I din stop running (which is good enuf k!), but i'm not satisfied... oh no.. does that means more runs???

Volunteerism! Went to Jamiyah and I admit I am interested in commiting some volunterism into that home.. the children are simply adorable.cute.bubbly.jovial. I simply like them... I'm thinking of going there again.. with Ayang! He likes kids too... I'm sure we will haf great time there.. TIME? Did i mention TIME? 24hours is just not enough for me... Can I commit myself to them... part of me really want to but another part of me thinks that I will not be able to haf the time to volunteer myself to them.. I wun want to be a volunteer and cause them more damages than good... I wun want the children to think I am there just for a "tour" to see how pitiful they are... I want to be part of them... to share with them.. but can I?

Tiring Preparations! 30 more weeks to go to our BIG Day... How's preparation? Almost done (or rather one third done) but some minor minor ( but important and essential) stuffs that have yet been look into and people been urging me to start fast... Hey, I'm shagged! I'm tired of thinking, choosing, deciding, buying, planning... etc... can I take a break first and get back to this in the next couple of weeks... can?

I promise will start planning real soon but give me a short break..

I just need a bed. rest. enjoyment. adjustment. kindness. Just 3 - 4 days without having to do any of the above. I promise once I'm energise once again... I will re-look into each and every matter that I haf to do. That I promise.

But for now, can I haf a BREAK?



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