Tuesday, May 17, 2005

- It Haf To Be HIM -

I was just lazing around when HE suddenly caught my attention... Isn't HE sweet.. with that beautiful smile on HIS face. That lovely pair of eyes and a gorgeous nose of HIS. HE simply melts my heart..

I remembered how we met. HE was not good-looking. HE was not drop-dead dude. HE was not at all attractive to me. But I LOVE HIM... no words can describe my love for HIM. HE's always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. HE's always there to make me laugh. And HE's one of the many who often made me cry. But I still LOVE HIM.

But why others do not like HIM? Was it because HE did not haf the looks? Was it because HE is not that intelligent? Was it because HE could not blend into my family? Was it because HE is so quiet? Why? But thank GOD, my family is slowly trying to accept HIM. They are trying to adore HIM. Thanks all... for understanding that I LOVE HIM... I cannot live without HIM... I want HIM to be part of my FUTURE. I don't want to lose HIM. Thanks for understanding me. Thanks for accepting HIM. I assure all of you that HE will be able to bring joy and laughter into my life. I am very sure about that. Coz I know HE loves me too...

To HIM, I promise I will never leave you... NEVER! Till death do us part... I LOVE YOU Dear...

that's HIM

To Ayang: Thanks for allowing me to bring HIM along in the near FUTURE..


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