Tuesday, June 28, 2005

- What Do You Think? -

hmm.. was sitting down when suddenly some thots came across my mind dat made me ponder...

A friend of mine. She's engaged.. almost 2 years but she confessed to me saying that she felt that her relatonship with her fiance is drifting apart. So I asked her of why she thinks that way???

Below are the reasons she gave me:
- He just dun care about her.
- They spent too little time together.
- Another guy seems to be more concerned about her!!!

JENG JENG JENG!!!! gez.. the third reason stands ya??!! Well, so there's this other party who made her think that the engagement she has now is not going anywhere. So she asked for my advise... DUH!!!??? "What should I say???" my heart whispered...

"Ko masih sayang dia ker tak?"
"Sayang.. tapi dia tak kisah pasal ako. Ako suruh dia fetch ako balik that day, dia suruh ako balik sendiri sebab dia penat. Ako suruh Z fetch ako lar and this guy tinggal kat Woodlands sanggup amik ako."

To my dear friend,
Take this as satu dugaan.. I went thru exactly like what u r going thru now.. I always think what I have at the very moment is never satisfactory. I want something better. But friend, be contented with what u have. Treasure what you have. It's only when u lose it, you will know how much that one person meant to you! But by then, it might make you regret...

BUT BUT BUT on the evil side of me... hey, you're still young man!!! So, chill out!!! Tak salah per practise a bittt of "scandalisation"! ahahahha... you've got to see the world girl! Kumbang bukan nye seekor... kat pasu rumah ako tu... pun banyak kumbang kumbang... cacing pun ader kalau ko nak! Know what you want and do what you want... It's your choice. YOU decide.

And... I haf this another friend of mine... whom I guess is in a dilemma of to be engaged or otherwise?? Lerrrr... nie lagik satu!!! Nak cakap nak!!! Well my dear friend, again I would say, YOU decide. Hey, you've grown up so be more matured! Think rationale! It's your life you know... though one part of me would like to go like "Amik ar dia gal.. tunang jer! He's drop dead gorgeous babe! Amik ar" but I know, easier said than done... It's commitment lar friend.. Are you ready?? You've got to ask yourself!

Whatever you girls decide... I pray that both of you will be happy, Insya Allah!

Come to think of it, life is so full of confusion huh?! I'm confuse too at this very moment... I guessed confusion comes about because we haf a lot of choices??? What do you think ???


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