Monday, July 25, 2005

- Durian Trip -

On 23rd July, we went to JB for our very first Durian Trip... fuyooo... eating thousands of durians ya!!! It was indeed an enjoyable time spent with all our kakis like Kak Zizah, Zurina, Wani, Shikin, Shidah, Mazi, Jun, Thamiz, Syahinah, Sunarti, Radiana and many more lar to mention. Bottom line, it was a fun trip for a very short break.

(pictures will come soon ya!)

Talking about break... well oh well.. been a long long time since I last go for holiday. Thought of joining a fren of mind to Thailand but... one was not able to apply leave so I thought maybe save it for another time when The Triplets can go for a trip down to maybe... KL again? Bali? or even Thailand...

Well, the 3 of us been wanting to go for our next holiday trip again together... Had a great one before this and yesh, I enjoyed that! 3 girls with 1 guy! hahahah The happy memories we had together was just worth remembering... sigh... kengkawan, when will be our next trip together???

Us. The 3 triplets... Suddenly, I think I miss them... been a long time since we last hang out together... I knew them not long ago.. maybe 2 years back. But the bond we had... it's like we knew each other for like years and years back. The 3 Triplets. We are 3 girls of different characters. Very different characters. One is so conservative and simple next-door girl who simply shy of almost everythign and anything. The other is daring, great critics and fun-going-messy girl who can be clumsy at times. And Me? ahhaha... I guessed they know me far much better! I just miss working with them... joking around.. hanging out together...gossiping!! (yup that's our forte!).. and sigh... simply miss these 2... (they know who they are!). Who say I enjoy working office hours??!! Yesh true enuff I off on Sunday. Home at night. Relax on public holiday. But hey, it's tiring! It's boring! It's demoralising! Won't it be better joining you guys in Ops... won't it be better having more kakis at work.. Sigh... I'm not complaining.. just looking back at what I've missed out so far since I stated the office hours job.

We have fun. We haf laughter. We haf jokes. We haf seriousness. We haf conflicts. But perhaps... we see friendship among us... that heals it all!

To that 2 girls out there... hahaha... dunno why, but kinda miss the 2 of you!!!

Next trip???

Sunday, July 17, 2005

- Lovely Them -

Wokay people I'm back... after a super long break ya!!! Well, first and foremost, my sincere congratulations to Rahmat, Kak Ninin and Abang Amin for their recent Wedding! SLAMAT PENGANTIN BARU to all of you people... May you guys lead a happy and blessful marriage life with your love ones. Insya Allah!

Here's their photos ya!!

Lovely isn't it??? The smiles in their faces explain it all... Though I should say the preparations are undescribe-able tiring, frustrating, annoying, confusing, irritating, challeging, and all the ing ing ing... but looking at their looks, I think all of it is worthwhile...

My turn will come. Real soon.